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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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latest. what do you know? >> reporter: this neighborhood has a lot of questions that have not been answered tonight. the woman was found in the hallway of the apartment complex that you see behind me by people passing by in the parking lot here. police have been very slow to give us any information. we still don't know who the woman is or how she was killed, nor do we have any suspect information. all this happened about 2:30 this afternoon as police arrived on the scene after a 911 call. homicide detectives are now on the case. however, prince george's police say they got the call about a woman who was in trouble seen lying unresponsive in that hallway near a stairwell. they also got calls about gunshots at complex about the same time. the woman has not been identified at this point. she is a white female in her 40s. she died in the hospital about an hour after emergency crews arrived here on the scene. again police have not established a motive or suspect. >> at this time it does not appear to be a robbery, but we
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are still looking for the motive in the case. >> reporter: what have you been able to get from any witnesses? did they hear any arguing, shouting, any gunshots? was there any domestic problems in that area? >> that's all still part of the investigation. they're still investigating or still interviewing witnesses at this time. >> reporter: now police did talk to several witnesses on scene including some utility workers who may have been in the area at the time including those teens who actually spotted the woman lying there in the hallway, but again tonight we still don't know who she is and don't have any information on a suspect. in fact, prince george's county police have not updated us in the last six hours. live in greenbelt, roby chavez fox 5 news. the news edge in virginia and a stunning crime out of manassas today. a photographer was robbed and stabbed this morning while taking pictures at the canterbury village shopping center. police say two people approached him demanding his camera and cash. he refused. they stabbed him. residents were surprised to
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learn of the crime. >> a little bit of mixed reaction. i'm a little bit not surprised because it's not the best neighborhood, but at the same time it's really shocking because that kind of thing just shouldn't happen. >> caught, one of the suspects a 15-year-old boy. they're still looking for the other person. as for the photographer, he's being treated for several stab wounds and is expected to recover. another big story tonight, the fight to repeal don't ask don't tell. it looks like the military's policy on gay troops will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. an effort to repeal the policy fell short in the senate today. fox 5's bob barnard joins us live in the newsroom with more. >> it's a complicated issue. for instance, the four-star general nominated to become the next commandant of the marine corps opposes lifting don't ask don't tell in direct conflict with his civilian and military bosses at the pentagon. at his confirmation hearing before the senate armed services committee marine
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general james almost said with reservation he would support allowing gays to openly serve in the military if that's what his predecessors decide. >> i think there's parts of this we have not peeled back yet and by that i'm talking some policy issues, standards of conduct issues, the issue of unit cohesion. we're not quite sure what the impact will be on a all volunteer force. >> reporter: the defense secretary and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff support repealing don't ask don't tell and have commissioned a survey of service men and women and their families asking what they think. >> this study, this questionnaire being sent out, assumes repeal of the law, an incredible act of disingenuous behavior on their part. >> reporter: it was the procedural vote in the senate today tabling efforts to repeal don't ask don't tell until at least after november's midterm election. gay rights groups are outraged. >> americans have changed about this issue.
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17 years ago only about 50% of americans felt that this should be open service. today that number is 80% of americans think this law should go. >> reporter: but those who want the ban continued applaud what republicans did today. >> it has nothing to do with having friends who are gay or liking people who are gay. that is true of almost everybody that i know. it's a matter of what is good for the armed forces, good order, discipline, morale, in the military, a unique institution. >> reporter: a judge in los angeles recently declared don't ask don't tell an unconstitutional violation of the due process and free speech rights of gays and lesbians. it's believed more than 13,000 men and women have been kicked out of the military under the law since 1993. >> bob barnard tonight. a virginia chiropractor who treated members of the washington capitals has pleaded guilty to steroid charges down in florida. douglas nagle had an office in the boston common mall where the capitals practice facility
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is located. three players say they received treatment but denied getting steroids from him. nagle denies giving the drugs to any athletes. he said he tried to obtain steroids for personal use and was sentenced to three years probation. a new york man admitted to breaking into dozens of homes in northern virginia and stealing half a million dollars worth of gold. the break-ins happened in fairfax and loudoun counties between january and november of 2009. 27-year-old soto ramirez immediated guilty and faces up to five years many prison when he's sentenced in december. his wife pleaded guilt -- in prison when he's sentenced in december. his wife pleaded guilty last week. a woman running for the u.s. senate in maryland died last week. >> natasha pettigrew was on her bike training for a triathlon when she was hit early sunday morning. a cadillac escalade hit her riding along route 202 in largo. the driver did not stop but called later to say she thought she'd hit a deer. the washington state woman
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at the center of that acid attack hoax has been charged. bethany storro clammed a stranger threw acid in her face leaving her with serious burns. she has since confessed to smearing drain cleaner all over herself trying to kill herself. prosecutors charged her with theft for thousands of dollars in donations she checked. the man who inspired the name of the band lynyrd skynyrd has died. the real lynyrd skynyrd was a basketball coach and gym teach are in jacksonville florida in the late '60s. sent a group of students to the principal's office because their hair was too long. the students formed a band and immortalized his name. skynyrd was 7070. still ahead the new card making -- 77. still ahead the new card making it easier to use transportation in baltimore and washington air. can a virus cause kid to be overweight? that's what some researchers are saying. we'll explain. >> about this time tomorrow
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night summer will be officially over and autumn will begin in d.c. but it won't feel like it. we've got some thunderstorms in the forecast, too. i'll have details. but first a quick check of our rundown. the news edge will be right back. hang tight. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. from 
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a new scandal rocking the catholic church tonight involving alleged money laundering. authorities in italy have seized more than $30 million from a vatican bank account and are investigating the bank's chairman and general director. the vatican says it is perplexed and surprised by the investigation. this isn't the first time the bank faced trouble. it was involved in a major scandal in the '80s. the common cold may be the key to childhood obesity and you may be living in one of the best communities in america. shawn yancy with your fox 5 top five.
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>> up first tonight, brian, the local neighborhoods called the best places for young people to live. no. 5, the america's promise alliance is out with its 100 best communities for young people. alexandria virginia, prince william county and calvert county maryland made the list. cities are chosen based on their community's dedication to help students graduate from high school. no. 4, finally encouraging economic news, home construction jumped 10 1/2% last month, but some economists say those numbers are a bit deceiving because apartments and condos made up a bilk of the construction instead of single family -- bulk of the construction instead of single family home. single family home construction was only up 4%. no. 3, looks like the baggage fees are paying off. the international air transport association says airline profits for 2010 will likely total $9 billion. the industry lost nearly 26 billion from 2008 to 2009. u.s. airlines are expected to earn 3.5 billion this year.
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no. 2, forget about burgers and fries. a cough could be making your kids fat. a doctor says the adeno virus 36 not only causes the common cold but could be a major factor in childhood obesity. he says 80% of the kids who have that particular virus are obese, but more studies need to be done. no. 1, if you work in baltimore and live in d.c. or vice versa, it got a lot easier to get around using public transportation. the maryland transit administration up veiled the charm card today -- unveiled the charm card today. marked trains and buses won't honor the card which costs $2.50. that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top five. get ready for a hot start to the fall. sue palka has your full forecast next and gentlemen netically altered fish, would you eat it if you -- genetically altered fish, would you eat it if you knew it was created in a research lab? the label debate that has both sides floundering. .
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they may be fish out of water, but will genetically engineered salmon land on your
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dinner plate soon? an fda advisory panel wrapped up two days of debate on whether the fish is safe for you to eat. fox 5's reporter melanie alnwick has details. >> reporter: is a salmon just a salmon regardless of where it came from or does the way it's produced change it into something completely different? >> i think most folks would say any time you splice geeps from multiple different fish -- genes from multiple different fish from the sea you create a different animal. >> reporter: many consumer advocates hope the fda will agree and require the new genetically engineered aqua salmon to be labeled as such. if approved aqua advantage would be the very first genetically engineered animal okayed for people to eat. greg jaffney a member of the fda advisory committee believes the safety questions have been answered. >> while they thought more information would be useful in a number of areas and a better
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analysis of the data would be useful, they didn't see anything i think today that suggested that this wouldn't at some point be approved. >> reporter: cspi known by some as the food police doesn't believe the fda can require a label but it is asking the agency to set a standard other companies can use as a distinction. >> that would give consumers who want this information the ability to choose. >> reporter: that would be something like not genetically engineered or no added growth hormones, similar to what we've seen on organic milk or cage free eggs and those are distinctions that many consumers say they appreciate when making their buying decisions. >> every trend in the food industry shows that consumers want more information, not less. >> reporter: the aqua advantage salmon would be the first, but there are many other g.e. animals in development. the decisions made in this case will set the blueprint for all others to come. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> it could take six months
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before the food and drug administration would make a final decision. it would take two years after approval before the fish would be ready for market aqua advantage says. did you see sue palka? she's right there! >> surprise. scary. >> it's not one of those funny videos either. it's just sue. >> now i'm worried. hey, we've got a crazy topsyturvy forthe first night o fall and we'll be heating things up. we kept our last several days of summer feeling like fall and we'll switch things up, live look outside tonight. it's still really comfortable and we aren't going to be in the 40s like last night. how about the 50s? yeah, bailey still needs a jack in the morning, brian, but he can ditch it by recess. a comfortable cool night over the district, but we will heat up. here's a look at the temperatures we hit today officially, 80 degrees in d.c., but you can see not too far away raleigh was 89 degrees and detroit 90, cincinnati 92.
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here come the heat, atlanta 95 degrees today and st. louis 92. little rock 97, this is the heat that will get tapped and pulled toward the east coast tomorrow. so we'll probably head for about 90 degrees ourself. high pressure right on top of us tonight is going to slip off the coast and as it does that, the winds around that high, which rotate clockwise, are going to pull in some of that heat. so we think d.c. will be 90, maybe 91 degrees, up to our north temperatures in the 80s and will probably begin a string of three days at or above 90. tomorrow the first day of fall is called the autumnal equinox. equinox is latin for equal night. that's the time in which it appears as though we have equal parts of day and night and the sun is directly over the equator tomorrow evening at 11:09. that's when fall begins. it might on your calendar say the first day of fall is thursday, but the equinox is actually tomorrow night. so you officially get one more day of mostly summer. at 90 degrees it will definitely feel like it.
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in terms of humidity it will be noticeable but not unbearable but not nearly as dry as the last few days. 91 on thursday, friday 91 and saturday cooler at 82 degrees. we'll talk a bit about the weekend in a moment with the five day. you can see temperatures hanging in there, still 70 degrees, not as chilly as last night. wind direction already beginning to change around here and that will keep things a little bit warmer even up and down the mid-atlantic not finding anything too terribly chilly at this hour. so for tonight mostly clear, not as cool as other nights, 63 degrees. tomorrow we'll definitely see that heating develop by even the noon hour could be up to 85 degrees and we will watch tomorrow afternoon for some evening showers and thunderstorms. stay between 4:00 -- say between 4:00 and 7:00 and a couple could linger into the 11:00 hour with a frontal system. that's what we're seeing up on our satellite and radar and we believe a prefrontal trough will develop before this batch gets here tomorrow night.
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most of the country still on the dry side with a little bit of tropical remnants hanging out down across texas. for us here is how things play out. i'll pause this at 5:00. most of the day fairly sunny and we think a line of showers will try to develop maybe a couple of rumbles of thunder up there. the main line will be back through western pennsylvania and that will also weaken moving through but should move through between 10:00 and midnight, so a couple chances for showers, but they are sure small chances, not everybody will get them. we remain hot after this front goes by. you know that thursday will be hot as well and going into the weekend, friday starts out hot and then another front comes through late friday into saturday. we believe the front will stall and an area of low pressure may develop bringing in some rain primarily sunday afternoon, could be decent rain, too, if our models are correct, but there's certainly still a lot of play in that forecast, a lot of play left for the redskins, too. dave feldman comes up next. they made a couple roster moves.
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we'll find out what happened. he's got some terps updates as well. we'll be right back.
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doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. good evening. i'm dave feldman. during the offseason the redskins added former pro ball running backs willie parker and larry johnson to the roster. parker was released september 4th. today it was johnson's turn, a decision tata makes undrafted rookie free agent could heland williams primary -- keiland williams primary back up to clinton portis. they needed to make a roster preparation in this week's game
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against the rams. johnson played a reserve role carrying five times for just two yards. chad simpson was signed to fill johnson's spot. last sunday the redskins had plenty of good chances to close out the texans. 6:40 left, graham gano's 20- yard field goal attempt blocked it. would have given the skins a 20- 10 lead. 3:30 to go. donovan mcnabb shows he can still air it out. he's got a cannon, but this long distance pass just goes over the outstretched arms of joey galloway. that would have put the game out of reach. the redskins might be competing better than last year, but that doesn't make the defense feel better. >> we were actually out there competing with a great team that beat indianapolis last week compared to last year where we were just getting the butts knocked out of us every week. it's different out there going and competing, but in the end we lost. we want to go out and win games. we need to learn how to win and finish games. >> to know we gave it away that
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hurts, but i got confidence in every guy in this locker room that we'll move forward and get a victory next week. it's already been a tough year for maryland quarterbacks. last week daniel brian nursing a high ankle sprain was drilled on his only play in a game against west virginia. starting qb jamaal robinson has a sore shoulder but threw for a career high 222 yards in the loss to west virginia. the team has already lost t.j. brown to a broken collarbone. robinson will start against florida international want. >> i thought we would be pretty strong the quarterback having three guys pretty good and one of them is done and the others are nicked up. so hopefully we can get them well. that's the biggest concern i have right now is be able to get them well. it's going to be over 90 degrees tomorrow. this according sue palka and that can only mean one thing, time to drop the puck, blow the whistle. this afternoon caps participated in an inner squad
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scrimmage. no. 76 garrett mitchell the member of the red squad found the back of the neck and so did sharpshooter al axe -- net and so did sharpshooter alexander semin. tomorrow night is season opener on the road. caps sign defenseman top poti to a two year -- tom poti to a two-year extension. nats in the bottom of the 8th. off the foul pole, if it hits foul it's fair. a two-run home run ties it at three. four batters later danny espinoza the batter, a wild pitch on ball 4. dustin maxwell scores the game run winning run. after that he slims a little bit. nats score -- slips a little bit. nats score seven runs with two outs and defeat the astros 8-4. that's win 63 meaning no 100 loss season this year for the nats. orioles, game tied 1-1. ty wigginton connects to right
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field. just inside the pesky pole for a three-run home run. orioles pound the red sox 9-1 and the eagles have said michael vick will start this weekend, not kevin cobb against jacksonville. brian is back after this. have a good night. 
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